Professional Learning Virtual Book Club : Beyond The Basics by Susan Forrester

Join our professional learning virtual book club by April 30th 2021 to receive your free copy of Beyond The Basics

Registration fee $25.00 (includes book and sessions)

Session dates:

              • Book Club intro – le 27 mai, 2021  4:00-5:30pm
              • Session #2– le 17 juin 4-5:00pm
              • Session #3– le 30 septembre 4:00-5:00pm
              • Session #4– le 28 octobre 4:00-5:00pm
              • Session #5– le 25 novembre 4:00-5:30pm 

Spaces are limited, so register here  Registration closes April 30th.



Learning Intentions of the PL Virtual Book Club

  • Network and collaborate with teachers from across the province who teach at the same level in a French program
  • Communicate in French in a safe and inclusive environment
  • Reflect on our teaching strategies to put into practise innovative theories and approaches that guide students to successfully listen, interact, read, and write in French
  • Connect our learning to the BC Core French curriculum

These bilingual sessions will be facilitated by BCLCA Executive Committee members:

Kindra Harte– French Coordinator Saanich School District, UVIC Faculty of Education-Instructor

Stacia Johnson – Vice-Principal, North Island School District

Shauna Néro– Vice-Principal, French Program Coordinator – Mission Public Schools